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  • Promotes digestion, regulates lipids, improves  blood circulation  : cholagogue (helps in the evacuation of bile), antispasmodic. 
  • Diuretic: it reduces the risk of kidney stones or  drop  and prevents rheumatism. 
  • Antistress, antifatigue: it prevents insomnia and helps fight against intellectual overwork. 
  • Antioxidant effect: against cellular aging. 
  • Against skin conditions: infections, wounds, cleaning of the skin and genital areas. 
  • Accelerates hair growth. 
  • Helps fight against certain pathogens: antimycotic and antibacterial. 
  • Relieves  rheumatism. 



Rosemary -20g

    • The choline it contains acts as a lipid regulator in the liver and promotes digestion. 
    • Its diuretic properties facilitate renal activity and participate in the prevention of  rheumatism. 
    • Its antioxidant properties have a stimulating effect on brain activity and improve memory. 


    Rosemary is also suitable as a restorative, to stimulate people who suffer from  asthenia, while acting preventively against insomnia. It has antiseptic qualities which make it a good agent for cleaning the skin and sensitive areas or acting directly on infected wounds. It can also be used for its antitussive power.

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