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Lemon thyme - 25g

Lemon thyme - 25g


Medicinal properties of thyme



  • Relieves a wide range of  respiratory pathologies  : calms coughing fits, especially in pertussis, bronchitis, pleurisy-type affections, as well as others of the pulmonary sphere (emphysema for example) by its spasmolytic effect.  It will still be used for asthma or hay fever. 
  • Antiseptic and antifungal  : relieves inflammation of the buccopharyngeal sphere, cavities, various dental care, in the form of mouthwashes. : Reduces nasal secretions or rhinorrhea. 
  • Spasmolytic virtues  : relieve intestinal disturbances such as diarrhea, bloating, flatulence, various colopathies.



    On many dermatological pathologies, its virtues  antivirals, antimicrobials and antiseptics  are used in the treatment of mycoses, wounds, scabies, herpes and, overall, a wide range of skin conditions up to shingles.

  • Use and dosage of thyme

    The simplest consumption is in the form of herbal tea or infusion, which can be taken up to three times a day in cases of generalized fatigue or feverish state, in particular during classic ENT infections such as common cold, rhinitis, sore throat, etc. We will then prepare an infusion based on a few grams of dried plant infused in boiling water. It will still relieve the  sore throat  and coughing fits.


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