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Our vegetable salt offers the advantage of enhancing the flavor of
foods, to cook dishes that are both healthy and low in salt. We
therefore often uses it in smaller quantities than conventional salt.

The unique flavor of this vegetable salt, as well as the delicate aromas
of herbs and spices to season and revive
all your healthy recipes. It's also a tasty solution
for those who must follow a low salt diet.

Added at the end of cooking, used in seasoning or in broth
instant, it will delicately flavor all your cooked vegetables. He
will also perfectly accompany your pasta, rice, soups and even your
tomato sauces and gazpachos.

Monastery Vegetable Salt

  • The preparation of the mixture of salt and vegetables follows a process which
    focus on preserving freshness.
    It all starts with planting, harvesting and drying vegetables  and herbs from our organic cultures, which are  then sorted, then chopped and dried. Then it's time to mix it up  and packaging.

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